The 13th World Bridge Series was held in Philadelphia, USA in 2010.

On that occasion the Rosenblum Cup (Open KO Teams) was won by the all-American DIAMOND team (John Diamond, Brian Platnick, Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco, Fred Gitelman, and Brad Moss.), and the GENERALI World Open Pairs by Bobby Levin (who still holds the record of the only Junior to have won a Bermuda Bowl - 1981) and Steve Weinstein. Runner up in the Rosenblum Cup was another American team, reigning Bermuda Bowl holders NICKELL, while the bronze went to the Franco-Italian-Norwegian combination ZIMMERMANN. Sweden's Fallenius-Fredin and Germany's Piekarek-Smirnov took the other medals in the Pairs.

In the Women's event, the McConnell Cup was clearly won by CHINA (Feng Xuefeng; Gu Ling; Lu Yan; Sun Ming; Sun Yanhui; Wang Hongli), followed by the NETHERLANDS and the very international team FIREMAN (France, Russia, USA). However, the GENERALI World Women Pairs title went to USA's Lynn Deas and Beth Palmer. Canadians Culham-Fung were second and Dutch stars Arnolds-Vriend third.

In the Seniors, ACBL President Rich DeMartino and Patrick McDevitt won the Hiron Trophy (World Senior Pairs), while the Rand Cup (Senior KO Teams) was captured by HACKETT's Anglo-American squad (Paul Hackett; Gunnar Hallberg, Garey Hayden; John Holland; Reese Milner.). Runners up were Japan's Ohno-Yamada, followed by USA's Assemi-Wojewoda. In the Teams, the silver medal went to TEAM MARKOWICZ (Poland, Netherlands, USA), while the bronze was captured by the exclusively Indonesian squad GABRIAL UI.

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Before 2010 the event was known as the World Bridge Championships. It was changed to the World Bridge Series and is held every four years in the year of the Winter Olympics.  The 2006 event was held in Verona and the results are here.

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