This competition was held for the first time alongside the World Pairs Olympiad in 1962 and again in 1974.

It was re-launched in 1996 and since then has been held in conjunction with the World Team Olympiad every leap year, starting after the latter's qualifying stage has been concluded. Participating teams may be transnational.

The World Team Olympiad gave way to the World Bridge Games in 2008, and the World Mixed Team Championship followed suit, as a separate competition but is now staged as part of the World Bridge Series, held every four years in the non-leap year.

2012 7 Lille, France MILNER 
2008 6 Beijing, China YEH BROS 
2004 5 Istanbul, Turkey AUKEN 
2000 4 Maastricht, Netherlands E-BRIDGE 
1996 3 Rhodes, Greece HEATHER