Players should be aware that many over-the counter medications and supplements may contain prohibited substances. 

For example a simple antihistamine such as Cetirizine Hydrochloride may contain Pseudoefedrine which is on the WADA prohibited list and must not be used during competition. This is because the anti-histamines, even in their second generation (to which cetirizine belongs), have a relatively high incidence of drowsiness as side effect. The association with pseudoefedrine tries to counteract this side effect. 

That is just one example .. and because the commercial names vary from country to country it is not always easy to see what is actually in the medication that is being taken. 

Many other medications that can be purchased over the counter contain prohibited substances, and some supplements are similarly affected. Herbal medications may contain ephedrine or a derivative – again a banned substance. 

You should check everything you take, and if you are not sure check with a medical practitioner who can advise you. You may email Dr Stomphorst, but because the commercial names vary so widely, you can only really tell by looking at the exact make-up of the medication or supplement. 

The message is – be very, very careful. You do not want to risk getting an adverse result on a Test and thus facing a ban because you inadvertently took something that you thought was safe. 

You can find plenty of additonal information about this on the WADA Website - click here to go to the pages about this.