The World Bridge Federation awards a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal to individuals or in some cases to Federations or other associations, in recognition of their great service to the World Federation.

These awards are normally made at one of the Ceremonies held during a World Championship.


Type of Medal Year Awarded Name
  1993 Li Wan
  1998 Marc Hodler
    Pierre Maurois
    Martine Aubry
  2001 Mr Wiranto
    Roy E. Tirtadji
  2003 Anna Maria Torlontano
    Juan Antonio Samaranch
    Prince Albert
    Antoine Bernheim
  2004 Mazhar Jafri
  2005 Ernesto d'Orsi
    José Oliveira
    Manuel d'Orey Capucho
    Grattan Endicott
  2006 Jean-Louis Derivery
  2007 Panos Gerontopoulos
    Patrick Choy
    Kahie Wei Sender
    Liu Si Ming
    Wang Han Bin
  2008 50th anniversary
  2010 Rich DeMartino
    Graig Robinson
    Lou Ann O’Rourke
    Barbara Nudelman
    Bill Pollack
  2006 Luca Darbi
    Enrico Ghinato
    Maria Cristina Motta
  2007 Madam Hu Jia Yan,
Vice Minister of Sport
    Mr Yu Xiao Song,
CCBA Vice Chairman
    Madam Xiao Min
  2013 Alvin Levy
  1999 Charlotte Blaiss
  2000 Laurens Hoedemaker
    Koos Vrieze
    Harry van de Peppel
    Marijke Blanken
  2006 Vallapa Svangsopakul