In accordance with the WBF Bylaws, the President shall appoint from the members of the Executive and past President of the WBF a Management Committee, subject to the approval of the Executive. The Management Committee shall consist of not less than five members nor more than nine members, including the President who shall act as Chairman. The Committee shall include at least one members of the Executive from each of Zones 1 and 2. The Committee shall have and may exercise, when the Executive is not in session, all the powers of the Executive except those requiring a specific number of affirmative votes of the whole Executive and except that the Management Committee shall not have any authority to elect officers to the WBF. The Executive shall have the power at any time to remove a member of the Committee, to approve an appointment of a replacement member or to dissolve the Committee.

The current Management Committee consists of:

Chairman Gianarrigo RONA - Biography
Chairman Emeritus José Damiani
Vice Chairman John WIGNALL
  Yves AUBRY
  Patrick K H CHOY
  Marc DE PAUW
  Georgia HETH
  Mazhar JAFRI
  Alvin LEVY
Secretary Carol VON LINSTOW