Well done to all the teams who have fought hard throughout the tournament. The Board a Match continues for the next two days leading up to the closing ceremony on Sunday night.

That night I am exhausted so opt out of the baseball game in which the Atlanta Braves win their 14th straight game 5-0. My understanding is that a good (hot dog) time was had by all including a spectacular fireworks display.

Some good news as my friend Boye Brogeland wins his Spingold Match and makes it to the Semi-Finals.

I may move to Atlanta! As I walked into the hotel I met Julien Gaviard of France who owed me 60 Euros from my buying part of him during the Cavendish auction. Everybody gives me money here in Atlanta.

Next morning wake up quite refreshed quick breakfast and off for the Coke Tour. 

And the final of the BAM begins. 12 teams left all starting on the same score playing 22 rounds of 4 boards each – double round robin.

You have to love the USA. I went to buy some mouthwash and the prices were $4.69 for 500mls and $5.69 for a litre – one dollar more for twice the quantity. Go figure.

The staff dinner tonight at Durangos Southern steak house. No comment other than the company was good. 

Drinks with Alex Smirnov and a relatively early night 23:00 after some family facetime.

So, some musings. 

- The tournament was generally very successful apart from the lack of participation from European Countries like France, Netherlands, Poland and Italy. 

- The attitude and spirit of the players was fantastic and a credit to them all in making the tournament a huge success.

- Organisationally it went smoothly with the staff able to cope with changing numbers of entries etc.

- The Chinese delegation were a very positive factor for the event.

- The ability to play the event in a major international hotel and stay just one block away was fantastic.

- The support of the ACBL in equipment, Bulletin facilities etc. was much appreciated.

In terms of my enjoyment factor I would have to rate it a 9 out of 10 so high praise indeed. 

The 2014 World Youth Teams Championships will be held 13-23 August 2014 in Istanbul, a city I love so looking in the mail for my invitation for that. My recollection of Istanbul last time I was there was every taxi driver turning on the meter and saying “problem traffic” the only two words I think that they knew in English.

I will post some closing ceremony pictures and final results as soon as possible and until we meet again….Ciao.