The World Bridge Championships operate on a four-year cycle.

The World Bridge Teams Championships will be held in the odd-numbered years:
  • World Team Championships (Open series: Bermuda Bowl)*
  • World Team Championships (Women's series: Venice Cup)*
  • World Team Championships (Senior series: d'Orsi Senior Trophy)
  • World Transnational Open Teams (WTOT)

These events are for national teams qualifying in the various WBF Zones, except for the WTOT, which will be open to all teams, national or transnational. See * below.

The World Bridge Series Championships will be held every fourth year, in the year of the Winter Olympics:
  • World Mixed Teams
  • World Mixed Pairs
  • World Open Knockout Teams (Rosenblum Cup)
  • World Women Knockout Teams (McConnell Cup)
  • World Senior Knockout Teams (Rand Cup)
  • World Open Pairs
  • World Women Pairs
  • World Senior Pairs (Hiron Trophy)

All these events will be transnational, without national quotas.

The World Bridge Games are held every fourth year in the same year as the Summer Olympics.
  • National Open Teams
  • National Women's Teams
  • National Senior Teams
  • Each Member NBO may send one national team to compete in each series of the World Bridge Games Teams Championships
  • National Open Pairs
  • National Women’s Pairs
  • National Senior Pairs

There is no quota on the number of national pairs that may be entered by each member NBO.

See * below for the regulation regarding the restoration of eligibility to compete in the World Bridge Teams Championships

Youth Championships

The Youth cycle will be run on a four-year cycle also

The World Youth Open Bridge Championships are held in the odd-numbered years.

Each event will be sub-divided into four series (Juniors, Girls, Youngster and Kids) providing the entry is sufficient. Click here for information regarding the age criteria

  • World Youth Teams
  • World Youth Pairs
  • World Youth Board-A-Match teams
 The World Youth Team Championships are held in the even-numbered years, comprising:
  • World Juniors Teams (Ortiz-Patiño Trophy)
  • World Youngsters Teams (Damiani Cup)
  • World Girls Teams (Rona Cup)
  • World Kids Teams (invitation only)