All players in WBF Championships, including the Transnational events, are required to have a fully completed Convention Card describing their system. Supplemental notes may be added in order to clarify or expand explanations.

For all the Championships except the World Bridge Series, players in the Open, Women's and Seniors Championships will be required to submit their Cards in advance, by email in order that they can be downloaded by their opposing teams well in advance of such Championships.

Brown Sticker Conventions and HUM systems are only permitted in the knock out stages of the Bermuda Bowl and the Venice Cup. It is a requirement that when the convention card containing BS or HUM systems is filed, the requisite Brown Sticker forms or, in the case of HUM systems the fully documented system file will also be required. The convention card used for this must be filed in advance at the same time as the convention card for the Round Robin.

Full information regarding the submission of such systems will be contained in the Supplemental Conditions of Contest and will also be displayed on this website in the area containing information about the specific event.

Players should check the WBF Systems Policy to ensure that any convention / system they wish to play is permitted in the event in they plan to participate.