We are delighted to present the videos recorded at the 2015 World Bridge Teams Championships

Closing Ceremony Part 4 & Bermuda Bowl - Prize Giving  
Closing Ceremony Part 3 & Venice Cup - Prize Giving  
Closing Ceremony Part 2 & D'Orsi Trophy - Prize Giving  
Closing Ceremony Part 1 & Transnational Open Teams - Prize Giving  
Christina interviews "The Bronze" John & Vincent  
Bermuda Bowl & Transnational Open Teams - The Final Act  
Venice Cup & D'Orsi Trophy - The Final Act  
Waiting for Wroclaw 2016  
An interview with Mazhar Jafri - WBF Vice President  
The Closing Press Conference  
An interview with Anna Maria Torlontano  
Double Revoke  
Until the very last Card  
2 Minutes with Pierre Zimmermann  
Master Solver with Yiting Li  
Master Solver with Pharaon Tarek Sadek  
Master Solver with Janice Seamon-Molson  
Towards the Semifinal  
Step by Step  
7 Clubs for One IMP   
Even Homer Nods ...  
The Three Tenors comment the Round Robin  
Smile: The Round Robin is Over  
The New WBF Disciplinary Code with Georgia Heth  
The Joy of Bridge  
Veteran Intrafinesse explained by Gabriel Chagas  
Magic 4 Spades by Bob Hamman  
Christina introduces the Danish Ladies Team  
Chatting with Bernard Pascal - Zone 8 President  
Master Solver with Mark Horton  
Look for the Queen of Spades  
Master Solver with David Gold  
Heather Dhondy: English Bridge - a Sport?  
Master Solver with David Bakhshi  
Master Solver with Simon Cope  
Knowing Traian Chira - WBF Broadcaster  
Day 1 Bermuda Bowl  
Ernesto D'Orsi's Interview  
Day 1 D'Orsi Trophy  
Day 1 Venice Cup  
Opening Ceremony  
26th September Press Conference