From this page you will be able to watch the videos made by Mario Chavarria Kaifmann with ideas and interviews by Fernando Lema, Simon Fellus and Christina Lund Madsen with daily reporting by Mark Horton. You can select the individual videos from the list below or click here to go to the page with all of them on.

Prizegiving Bermuda Bowl

Prizegiving Venice Cup

Prizegiving D'Orsi Senior Bowl

The Finals

The thrill of the semifinals

Reactions to the Quarterfinals

The Dramatic End of the Round Robin

Keep on playing

Day 0 at Bali

The Opening Ceremony

Personal Interviews

Interview with José Damiani

Interview with Marc de Pauw

Interview with Ernesto D'Orsi

Anna Maria Torlontano

How many diamonds? with Bob Hamman

The TD's riddle

Zimmermann Interview

The Chagas Hand

Everybody needs somebody


All the official WBF videos