To be allowed to participate, the players must be members  (not necessarily nationals)  of the Federation – NBO – through which they enter  (it is recognized that players may be members of more than one NBO and so may choose enter through whichever one is convenient to him or her).

Thus an NBO can enter a pair or a team composed of players who are not nationals of that country; it is sufficient that they are registered members within that NBO. In this case, authorization from the players’ National Federation will also be sought by the WBF.

In exceptional circumstances, where a country is unable to enter a full team or even a pair from their own country, the Zone may submit an entry for a Zonal team or pair.

Participation in this event by a player representing an NBO of which he is a member, or a temporary member, will not affect his or her eligibility to represent the country of which he is a National in a future World Teams or Pairs Championship.