The World Bridge Federation (WBF) was formed in August 1958 by delegates from Europe, USA and South America. It is incorporated under the laws of Switzerland as a 'non-profit' organization; its headquarters being at Maison du Sport International, in Lausanne. A new set of Bylaws was adopted in August 2000.

The WBF has shown strong and steady growth and its membership now comprises 130 National Bridge Organizations (NBOs) with about 700,000 affiliated members who participate actively in competitive bridge events - locally, nationally and internationally. Each of the NBOs belong to one of the eight geographical zones, each of which has its own Zonal organization.

Each NBO agrees to fulfill certain requirements, such as opening its ranks to all its citizens and residents and upholding a standard of ethics acceptable to the WBF.

The WBF has a Congress to which each NBO is entitled to send one delegate. The Congress meets every second year, at Team Olympiads and at World Championships.

The WBF is administered by an Executive Council which is assisted by the various Committees and Consultants it appoints.

Activities of the World Bridge Federation include:

  • to promote, foster and promulgate the game of Bridge throughout the world;
  • to provide the central organization for coordinating necessary revisions to the Laws;
  • to conduct Championships on a worldwide basis;
  • to circulate its own official medium, World Bridge News, which keeps officials and press throughout the world informed of WBF activities;
  • to promote a Master Points scheme for recognizing achievement in World and Zonal contests, and to maintain the necessary central records.