8th World Youth Transnational Championships

Wroclaw, Poland 13 - 18 July 2024


Registration - Participants
  Systems: U26 - U21- U26W- U16 - U31

 • Registration

 All entries to the Championships must be submitted electronically via the WBF Website (not by email).

The Championship is open to all players born on or after 1st January 1999 (U26 Open and Women) or born on or after 1st January 2004 (U21) or born on or after 1st January 2009 (U16) or born on or after 1st January 1994 (U31) in good standing with their own NBOs. Players must be members (not necessarily nationals) of the Federation through which they enter.

NBOs may send as many teams or pairs as they wish.

To be eligible for participation in the 2024 World Youth Transnational Championship all participants must comply with the WBF Laws and Rules & Regulations.

Important Note
It is mandatory for all players, NPCs, Coaches or other Team Officials in WBF Championships to complete the Players’ Commitment form for these Championships. For more information, click here.


Registration now closed for certain events
Due to capacity reasons, registration is now closed for certain events. If you want to register in such an event where registration is not available, please send an email to anna.newton@worldbridgefed.com - but you will only be accepted if this is convenient for organizational purposes.

To register for an event, please click on the appropriate link depending to the event type (Pairs or Teams) and then follow the instructions.

Event Type
Pairs Event Teams Event

To modify an existing entry, use the following links. Please note that you will need the confirmation code you received. With each modification a new confirmation code is sent to you, so make sure you keep the confirmation email.

Modify entry
Modify a pairs entry Modify a teams entry

 • List of Participants

To see the list of participants for a specific event, please select the appropriate link from the following table:

Participation List
U26 Open Pairs U26 Open Teams
U21 Open Pairs U21 Open Teams
U26 Women Pairs U26 Women Teams
U16 Open Pairs U16 Open Teams
U31 Open Pairs U31 Open Teams

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