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No. : 14 • Friday, 23 June 2006

Mad About Matchpoints
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The Teltscher Touch and the Hackett Hatchet

Al Levy, far right, with the winners of the World Computer-Bridge Championship, from left, Martin Pattenier, Wim Heemskerk and Hans Kuijf, who created the bridge program Jack.

It's all down to pairs now as the knockouts have concluded and, with the exception of one event, players have turned their thoughts to overtricks, undertricks and doubling those bothersome opponents.

Two events will be ending today the Women's Pairs and Senior Pairs. The IMP Pairs is the only event of the remaining schedule without matchpoints. It concludes tomorrow.

The Open Pairs also continues today, heading for a final session tomorrow morning. Here are the pairs leaders at the end of play on Thursday: Open: Jeff Meckstroth and Perry Johnson. Women's: Irina Levitina and Kerri Sanborn. Seniors: Nico Klaver and Roald Ramer. IMP: Tezcan Sen and Okay Gur.

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