12th World Bridge Championships Page 4 Bulletin 11 - Tuesday 20 June  2006

Championship Diary

When Mrs.T spotted this bidding sequence she remarked, 'Isn't that a bit amateurish to use so many bids to get to Seven Hearts?'

When Sabine Auken paid one of her infrequent visits to the Daily Bulletin a passing acquaintance asked her why she wasn't playing in the Pairs.

'Well, we are still in the McConnell.'

A short while later her inquisitor returned with another question.

'So why aren't you playing now?'

'We are a team of six.'

'Make sure that the Americans don't take the trophy home this time.'

(Commiserations to her teammates, Lynn Baker, Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer & Kerri Sanborn - all representing the USA!)

We were amused (it doesn't take much) to note that one of the VuGraph commentators on Bridgebase described himself as worldclass. Certainly when he is commentating he can clear the theatre in 30 seconds!

Patsy Mehan dropped by to ask if we wanted a story about the best bid she had ever made. 'When were you at Sotheby's?' was our tactless reply.

Some of the players are known to be a little volatile from time to time. One of the best of them once told off a waiter for passing.

There is no truth in the rumour that news of the non-arrival of one of the VuGraph commentators has been greeted with dismay by members of the Insomniacs Society.

When I mentioned that one of my ex-wives was present at the tournament Tacchi interjected 'Well, that doesn't narrow it down much.'

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