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No. : 6 • Thursday, 15 June 2006

Team's Theme: Carpe Diem
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Team's Theme: Carpe Diem 1
Ralph Cohen 2
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Good, Bad and ... 4
A Bug's Life 5

A First Look

No Need for a Penalty Shoot Out 7
The Verona Arena during the championships.

Today is the day that teams will find out whether they are still playing in the Rosenblum and McConnell as both reach the knockout stage. The open event will enter the round of 64, with play beginning on Friday. The women's round of 16 starts on Saturday.

All teams are striving to reach the top four in their respective groups 16 in the open event and four in the women's. Teams will play three matches today, two if they have a bye round.

Some teams are no longer in the running to qualify for the next stage, but there are many on the cusp, and the final line-up of the teams in the knockout is still in doubt.

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