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No. : 4 • Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Yanks Sweep the Mixed
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Matthew Granovetter and karen McCallum

Karen McCallum and Matthew Granovetter, moving steadily upward in the standings from the beginning of the Mixed Pairs final, completed their charge into first place in the third set, edging fellow Americans Jill and Bobby Levin to win a closely contested championship.

Third place in the Mixed Pairs went to another married couple - Americans JoAnna and Lew Stansby.

Granovetter and his wife, Pamela, are co-founders of Bridge Today, now an online bridge magazine. McCallum, who lives in New England and operates a mystery book business, is no stranger to the winner's podium. Most recently, she and Debbie Rosenberg won the Women's Pairs in Montreal in 2002.

McCallum and Granovetter were never far out of the lead, but they moved up to third place after the first final session on Sunday and into second position after the first session on Monday.

Their score of 59.28% was just ahead of the 58.75% posted by the Levins.

The Stansbys made the biggest leap, starting the day on Monday in 87th place overall with just 50.55%. They finished with 58.47%.

Bobby and Jill Levin

Lew and JoAnna Stansby

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