12th World Bridge Championships Page 6 Bulletin 2 - Sunday 11 June  2006

Championship Diary

As the opening ceremony gets under way we are minus the services of the World's greatest bridge photographer, but although we still have no idea where he is, Tacchi arrives in the nick of time!

(He was delayed by the closure of the Swiss tunnels – a fact of which his satellite navigation system was not aware.)

Having mentioned the fact that several people had reached Verona without their luggage, I can't resist reporting that Brian Senior managed to lose his wife Nevena en route! They flew via Frankfurt, but the allure of the shops meant that he found himself sitting alone on the plane. Forced to make a decision, when advised that either he got off or the plane took off, he naturally…flew on to Verona! (Nevena completed her journey on a train via Milan – they have some decent shops there too!)

Irena Chodorowska was working hard at the Registration desk. The necessary paperwork having been completed she politely enquired 'How are you to pay?' 'I'm fine, thank you!' was the reply.

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