Canadian Men Team
French Women Team

Maple Leaf Forever

In one of the best played and most exciting finals of recent years, Canada, represented by Keith Balcombe, Gordon Campbell, Nicholas Gartaganis, Fred Gitelman, Peter Jones and Joseph Silver defeated Poland's Cezary Balicki, Michal Kwiecen, Jacek Poletylo, Jacek Pszczola, Marek Wojciki and Adam Zmudzinski, Alicja Kornasiewicz, (Captain) to win the fourth IOC Grand Prix for the Generali Trophy. Italy easily won the third place play-off against Norway.

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

A brilliant display saw France, Véronique Bessis, Bénédicte Cronier, Catherine D'Ovidio and Sylvie Willard score an emphatic victory over USA, represented by Mildred Breed, Amalya Kearse, Jill Meyers, Sharon Osberg, Shawn Quinn, Kerri Sanborn, Rose Meltzer and Peter Weichsel (Coach). Third place went to The Netherlands, who defeated Germany.

United We Stand

In the Junior Teams Americas, Augustin Madala & Carlos Pellegrini, Joel Wooldridge & John Hurd tied with Europe North, Bas Drijver & Sjoert Brink Andreas Marquardsen & Martin Schaltz.

The 4th edition of the IOC Grand Prix was organized by the World Bridge Federation in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, February 2-6, 2002.

Unlike previous occasions, this time the venue was not the Olympic Museum in Lausanne but the Hilton Salt Lake City Center in Utah, USA.

The 4th IOC Grand Prix was contested in three series - men, women, juniors with many of the world's top players taking part.

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