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No 5 • Wednesday, 6 February 2002

North American and European Triathlon

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Polish Avalanche 7

As we move into the final sessions of the 4th IOC Grand Prix for the Generali Trophy, the continents of Europe and America are contesting all three finals.

In the Men's Teams, Canada, who trailed the reigning Olympiad Champions from Italy by 42 IMPs after the first two sets, scored an upset but merited comeback victory, much to the delight of the Canadian contingent. They start the day with a small lead over Poland, who also came back form a half-time deficit to defeat the Bermuda Bowl runners up from Norway, in the other semi-final. Both teams play in red and white, but they have not yet revealed their away colours.

France, who easily accounted for The Netherlands, and USA, who overcame Germany's Venice Cup Champions, face each other in the Women's Teams, and France have already built up a commanding lead.

The losing semi-finalists will play-off (perhaps we should say face-off) for third place.

In the Junior Teams final, Americas hold a commanding lead over Europe North by virtue of a powerful first session. In a high scoring contest for third place Europe South have established a reasonable lead over North America.

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