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No. : 3 • Monday, 4 February 2002

Thrills and Spills

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It was a day of mixed emotions for several teams on day two of the 4th IOC Grand Prix for the Generali Trophy as dramatic reverses sometimes followed impressive victories. With time running out for the teams not currently occupying one of the qualifying places, it was clear that the tension was affecting some of the players, as there were a number of spectacular accidents. There are likely to be more today, as no team is completely safe in either the Men's or Women's Teams.

In the former event Italy have moved to the top of the table ahead of Norway, Canada and Indonesia. The key number for the Italian team is the 20.5VP lead they hold over fifth placed Poland.

The Women's event is immensely strong, a fact evidenced by the three way tie at the top of the table between Germany, The Netherlands and USA. Austria are fourth, but only just ahead of France and China. Only 13VP separate the top six teams, so an exciting finish is assured.

In the Junior Teams, two matches have now been completed and so far the European teams hold sway, with Europe North leading from Europe South.

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