Rhodes, Greece / 19 October - 2 November 1996

Saturday 2 November 1996

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News of the day

France wins Open gold medal again

The days of glory surely have arrived for France – for the second straight time France is the Olympiad Open Teams champion. France took the lead early against Indonesia, and although Indonesia made a couple of rallies, France pulled well ahead going into today's final 32 boards. The final tally was 358-269.

Only two members of today's team also were on the 1992 team in Salsomaggiore, Italy. Alain Levy and Herve Mouiel spearheaded the team then, and they performed extremely well again here.

The other four members of the team also were strong throughout – Christian Mari, Frank Multon, Henri Szwarc and Marc Bompis. It wasn't the first Olympiad victory for Mari and Szwarc – they were members of the victorious French team in the memorable final in Valkenburg, the Netherlands, in 1980.

Indonesia was one of the two Far East teams that reached the Olympiad finals – China finished second in the Women's Olympiad. It was an excellent showing by Far East teams. Playing for Indonesia were Henky Lasut, Eddy Manoppo, Denny Sacul, Franky Karwur, Giovanni Watulingas and Sance Panelewen. Lasut, Sacul and Manoppo have been playing in world championships for more than two decades. This is the closest they have ever come to winning the gold medal.

As soon as the match was over, both teams appeared before the vugraph spectators and were introduced. They also were warmly congratulated by Jose Damiani, president of the World Bridge Federation.


Final, Open

Team Total 7th Segment Total 8th Segment Final Score
France 239 77 316 42 358
Indonesia 183 24 207 62 269