Rhodes, Greece / 19 October - 2 November 1996

Thursday 24 October 1996

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News of the day

Open Olympiad

Defending champion France continued to steamroller the field in Group A, taking a 17-VP lead over runnerup Poland after 20 rounds. Yesterday they had three strong victories and one small loss – 14-16 to Germany. Poland had a big day, winning all four matches good for 74 VPs out of a possible 100. Indonesia, winning two matches late in the day after losing two earlier, were third, followed by surprising Spain In Group B, Israel did not have a stellar day, but managed to stay atop the standings. Italy had the same kind of day and wound up just 2.5 VPs behind. Chinese Taipei is third, followed by Iceland, Great Britain and Norway.

Women's Olympiad

China scored 66 out of a possible 75 VPs to rocket into first place in Group A after 13 rounds.. South Africa is tied for second with Germany. In Group B, Israel had a relatively poor day, losing to Poland and just barely topping Chinese Taipei, but that was good enough to hold onto first place by 3 VP over the United States. The Americans had a super day, scoring 70 of a possible 75 VPs, to pull 9 points clear of third-place Austria. Canada won all three matches yesterday to take fourth place. France and Poland are close behind.

Hand of the day

Iceland vs. Australia, Open, Round 19

On a wild set of boards, with game on every hand and slam on most, it was only natural that a lot of IMPs changed hands in the Open match between Iceland and Australia. This was the most interesting deal.

Board 12. North/South Game. Dealer West.

Q J 10 8 6
8 5 4
Q 9
K 9 2
K 5 4 2 9 7 3
K 6 3 J 9 7
10 3 2 J 8 5 4
Q 7 5 A 10 6

A Q 10 2
A K 7 6
J 8 4 3

3NT was declared by North at both tables, and the opening lead was a small diamond. Both took the ace, unblocked spades and played a club to the king. When this lost to the ace, chances seemed negligible. But Baldursson won the diamond return in hand and led a club to the 8 – a good guess. Then he took his third diamond and cashed his clubs, leaving this position:

8 5 4
K 5 9
K 6 3 J 9 7
- J
- -

A Q 10 2

Baldursson called for the Q! But Roberts was up to it – he ducked, then unblocked his king under the A. As a result the defense took the last three tricks. Well defended – and again it was a gain of 3 IMPs since 3NT went down two at the other table.



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