Rhodes, Greece / 19 October - 2 November 1996

Wednesday 23 October 1996

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News of the day

Defenders hold Group A lead;
Sweden, Israel ahead in Women's

France led Open Group A after 16 matches, but Indonesia had a big day and shot up to second place. France actually lost two matches – to Indonesia 9-21 and to Ireland 12-18, but they also had two strong wins. Indonesia won all four matches, picking up 83 of a possible 100 Victory Points. The Indonesians are now only 8.5 points behind France. Italy also suffered two defeats - to Netherlands 8-22 and to Russia 14-16 - but they are still out in front in Group B, although by only 1.5 VP. Meanwhile Israel continued their strong drive, picking up 78 VPs while winning all four matches to close in on front-running Italy. Women's Olympiad Israel and Sweden are the leaders in Groups B and A respectively after 10 matches in the Women's Olympiad. The only team in the top four in Group B to win both matches yesterday was Italy, now in fourth place. Austria are second and the United States are third. Israel have opened a 15-point lead on Austria, and the Americans are another 4 VPs back. Italy, Canada, France, Poland and India still are very much in the thick of the competition for qualifying berths in the quarterfinals. Canada had an especially good day yesterday, earning 45 of a possible 50 VPs for the day. Sweden had two strong wins in Group A, but they picked up only 2 VPs on runnerup South Africa, which scored a blitz and tied their other match. Sweden now has a 5 VP lead. Germany, winners of the Venice Cup in China last year, are close behind.

Hand of the day

Colombia vs. Canada, Open, Round 8

Fred Gitelman of Canada scored up a neat diamond game against Colombia in Round 8 of the Open.

Board 14. Love All. Dealer West.

A 9 5 3
K Q 10 8 6
K J 3
Q 8 7 K J 6 2
9 7 5 A
A J 9 3 K 10 8 4 2
A Q 2 9 5 4

10 4
J 4 3 2
Q 7 5
10 8 7 6

The opening heart lead went to the queen and ace, and Gitelman drove out the A at trick two. He ruffed the return of the K and correctly guessed the diamonds by cashing the king and finessing the jack. Next came a spade to the king, and he eyed the fall of the 10 appreciately. He went back to dummy with the trump ace, led the 7 – and passed it! Right again! Now he was able to ruff another heart and take a club pitch on the good spade. He lost only a spade and a club and earned 11 IMPs for his team.



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