Rhodes, Greece / 19 October - 2 November 1996

Sunday 20 October 1996

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News of the day

Poland, Australia lead Open;
Swedish women blitz twice

Poland (Group A) and Australia (Group B) are basking at the top of the group standings in the World Open Team Olympiad round-robin. Poland's performance, racking up 87 of a possible 100 Victory Points, is especially notable. Two of the teams they played – Indonesia and Germany – certainly must be considered seasoned performers. Australia definitely had a less impressive set of opponents – French Polynesia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Sweden got off to a perfect start in Group A of the Women's Team Olympiad, scoring blitzes against both Hong Kong and Hungary. Defending champion Austria were atop the Group B standings with 46 VPs after defeating Turkey and Thailand. Only a point behind were the United States, victors over Finland and Australia.

Hand of the day

Greece vs. Turkey, Open, Round 2

How to Outwit your Opponents -
and the Commentators

By Alan Truscott

The second round saw an old rivalry featured on vugraph: host Greece against Turkey. The second deal brought a round of applause for Nafiz Zorlu, who reached a shaky 4 contract.

Board 2. North/South Game. Dealer East.

A J 8 5 3
A Q 6
A 6 2
K Q 9 7 6 2
9 K 10 8 7 5
10 7 4 2 J 6
K J 10 5 4 3 9 8

10 4
J 4 3 2
A 9 8 5 3
Q 7

West North East South
Assael Zorlu
Pass Pass
3 Dble 4 4
All Pass

East was happy to have maneuvered South into 4, but he was less happy with the result. When the dummy appeared, the commentators predicted that, even with a helpful club lead, South would finish down one.

Some years ago, Andrew Robson offered the following Bols Tip: If an opponent makes a preemptive bid and then leads his suit, he tends to have a singleton trump. Whether Zorlu knew this is not clear, but he played as if he did. After the opening lead of the 10, a reasonable choice once East had raised clubs, South was able to win with the queen. He then crossed to the Q and made the key play of leading a low heart.

East had to play low and the jack won. Now South crossed to the K and led a low spade. West won and played the K, won with dummy's ace. South already had five tricks, and was able to bring his total to seven by scoring the A and J. Now a spade ruff reduced East to three trumps, and when the A was led he had to ruff and lead into dummy's ace-queen of trumps.

Zorlu had earned his applause, and his team gained 13 imps.

Note that it would not have helped the defense for West to play a third diamond after winning his spade trick. South would have discarded from dummy, allowing a ruff, but the ending would have been similar.

It would have been rather better to lead a spade at the fourth trick, with the chance of two spade ruffs in the closed hand with a less advantageous spade position.



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