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No. : 14 • Saturday, 3 November 2001

USA II give Rose a Birthday to Remember

José Damiani congratulates the winners
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Norway Survive Halloween Fright 1
A Shining Rose 2
USA II vs Norway (BB) Final 5 3
France vs Germany (VC) Final 6 4
Dani At The Bat 5
Bermuda Bowl Final Team Profiles 6
USA II vs Norway (BB) Final 7 7
President's Closing Speech 8


USA II, comprising Rose Meltzer, Kyle Larsen, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby, Alan Sontag and Peter Weichsel won the Bermuda Bowl today, defeating Norway's Terje Aa, Boye Brogeland, Glenn Grøtheim, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness and Erik Sælensminde.

Norway made a good start in the first of today's sessions and built up a useful lead. However USA II came back and at the end of the first sixteen boards Norway's lead was only 2 IMPs. In the final session the Americans had the better of some heavy exchanges and finally won by 21 IMPs. Martel, Stansby, Sontag and Weichsel have all won before, but it is a first for Larsen. The same is true for the amazing, history making Rose Meltzer, the first woman to win a Bermuda Bowl - and on her birthday. What a present!

Transnational Teams

Malcolm Brachman's team representing USA and Brazil, Eddie Wold, Mike Passel, Michael Seamon, Geoff Hampson, Diego Brenner and Gabriel Chagas are the new World Transnational Champions. In the final they defeated France, captained by Cyril Bureau with Danièle Gaviard, Patrick Sussel, Philppe Selz and Vanessa Reess

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