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No. : 10 • Wednesday, 31 October 2001

Only France Can Relax
Accepting his award as Personality of the Year, José Damiani remarked that it was an acknowledgement of the contribution made by the WBF Executive and everyone involved in the organization of the championships.
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Yesterday saw some exciting bridge, as the eight teams contesting the semifinals of the Bermuda Bowl and the Venice Cup traded IMPs. With two sessions to play today, only France's Venice Cup team can be confident of reaching a final. They have simply been too strong for USA II, especially in the second session, which they won 64-8 IMPs.

It is hard to predict whom they will meet, as although Germany has looked like pulling away on several occasions, Austria is still in contention. Still, with a 19 IMP advantage, it is Germany who will sleep the sounder.

In the Bermuda Bowl, USA II took an early lead over Poland and maintained it throughout the day, to go into today's concluding deals 23 IMPs ahead. Meanwhile Norway is in a strong position to end the hopes of Italy. There was a point during the second session when the Italians appeared to be continuing where they left off against USA I, but they could not consolidate and since then their opponents have taken full advantage of some uncharacteristic Italian errors. 46 IMPs is not decisive, but the wind will need to change direction.

After seven rounds, France leads the way in the Transnational event, Bureau leading from Reid's New Zealanders. Israel's Grinberg and the England/USA Hackett are tied for third place.

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