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No. : 9 • Tuesday, 30 October 2001

Gold For USA II Seniors

The Gold Medal Winners in the Seniors Bowl
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Gold For USA II Seniors 1
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USA I vs Italy (BB) QF3 4
USA I vs Italy (BB) QF 5-6 5
Seniors Bowl Final 6

The first tile of the 2001 World Bridge Championships has gone to a team representing North America. USA II comprising Grant Baze, Gene Freed, Garey Hayden, Joseph Kivel, Chris Larsen & John Onstott took the crown by defeating Poland, who were represented by Wit Klapper, Andrzej Milde, Jerzy Russyan, Stefan Szenberg, Wlodzimierz Wala & Andrzej Wilkosz, NPC Wlodzimierz Stobiecki. France took the bronze medal by defeating USA I.

There were no surprises in the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup as the teams enjoying an overnight lead all consolidated their advantages. That was especially true in the case of Italy, who outscored USA I 124-9 IMPs over the last two sets.
In the semifinals, Norway, Germany & France all enjoy a significant carry over advantage.

The early leaders of the Transnational Teams were Zimmerman from France and Mansell from South Africa. As we go to press they were meeting each other in round three.

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