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No. : 7 • Sunday, 28 October 2001

It's a Knock Out - Jeux Sans Frontieres

The latest Olympic News was revealed at yesterdays Press Conference
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It's a Knock Out 1
Norway vs USA I (BB) Round 11 2
Italy vs Germany (VC) Round 12 3
England vs USA I (VC) Round 13 4
USA II vs Israel (VC) Round 14 5
Egypt vs Russia (BB) Round 14 6

The qualifying stages of the Bermuda Bowl and the Venice Cup have thrown up some intriguing quarterfinal matches.

Bermuda Bowl

None more so than the encounter between USA I and Italy that ensures one of the favourites will be eliminated. France, the only country to have qualified a team in all three competitions will face USA II. Poland meets India while Norway line up against Indonesia.

Venice Cup

In the Venice Cup, the match between Germany and USA I is a repeat of the 1995 Venice Cup final. France play South Africa, China opposes Austria and England is pitted against USA II.

Seniors Bowl

In the Senior Bowl, the American teams meet each other while France face Poland.

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