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No. : 6 • Saturday, 27 October 2001

The Unkindest Cut

The players best friends: the hard working women who produce all the deals
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The Unkindest Cut 1
USA II vs France (BB) Round 9 2
China vs Japan (VC) Round 10 3
Poland vs Indonesia (BB) Round 10 4
Italy vs France (BB) Round 12 5

For the teams hovering around the half way mark in both the Bermuda Bowl and the Venice Cup, today will be a tense affair.

In the former competition, several teams are within striking distance of the elite eight - the qualifying positions.

One through five seem solidly in, leaving these teams to fight it out for the next three spots: Indonesia, India, France, Egypt and Russia.

In the Venice Cup the situation is similar, as Austria, Germany, South Africa, the Netherlands and USA II are the main contenders.

Those who fail to survive the cut will at least have the consolation of still being able to gain a World Championship title by playing in the Transnational event.

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