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No. : 5 • Friday, 26 October 2001

The Pressure Mounts

The latest Olympic News was revealed at yesterdays Press Conference
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USA I vs Netherlands (VC) Round 7 2
USA I vs Russia (BB) Round 8 3
Canada vs Indonesia (VC) Round 8 4
USA II vs England (VC) Round 8 5

Bermuda Bowl

USA dominates the Bermuda Bowl rankings with USA I just a point ahead of USA II at the top. They are closely followed by Poland, Italy and Norway, and these five teams are looking good for qualification. There are ten teams fighting over the remaining three qualification spots.

Venice Cup

Europe dominates the Venice Cup standings, with France leading the way from England. Austria are tied for third with China and USA I also look well placed. There is a 13 VP gap between eighth and ninth and the second American team is on the wrong side of that gap, along with Italy, Canada and Israel.

Seniors Bowl

France still have a 100% winning record in the Seniors, but that is only good enough for a 5 VP lead over USA I. Italy are a further 5 VPs back in third.

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