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No. : 3 • Wednesday, 24 October 2001

Von Arnim & Helgemo Steal The Limelight

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Steal the Limelight 1
USA II vs Germany (VC) Round 4 2
Hand Stories 3
India vs Japan (VC) Round 4 4
Lorenzo Lauria Interview 5

Yesterday's VuGraph matches attracted huge audiences, particularly the encounter between Poland & Norway (which will be featured in our next edition), which was standing room only. The spectators saw some spectacular action and two brilliantly played deals, one by Germany's Daniela von Arnim, the other featuring Geir Helgemo.

Bermuda Bowl

Despite tasting defeat for the first time in the last match of yesterday, Egypt sit proudly on top of the table after six rounds. They are followed by USA II who are the only undefeated team.

Venice Cup

France are the only team who have avoided defeat in the Venice Cup and they have taken over the lead, with China in second place.

Seniors Bowl

France have won all their matches to lead from USA I who also remain undefeated

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