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No. : 2 • Tuesday, 23 October 2001

The Show Goes On

  The Showman at Work
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The Show Goes On 1
South Africa vs Brazil (VC) Round 2 2
Hand Stories 3
Russia vs Indonesia (BB) Round 1 4

Following Sunday's emotionally charged Opening Ceremony play got under way right on time at the magnificent Stade de France on day one of the Paris World Bridge Championships.

Bermuda Bowl

USA II and Poland are tied for the lead, just ahead of Egypt. They are followed by Italy and only these four teams remain undefeated. The holders, USA I have made their almost traditional slow start, an ominous sign for the other teams.

Venice Cup

England had a tremendous day to race ahead of the field. France is second and the only other undefeated team. China and South Africa occupy the next two places.

Seniors Bowl

Two resounding victories have given Italy the lead ahead of France and Poland.

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