The 6th World Youth Bridge Camp was a great success. With 94 participants from 17 countries and 4 WBF geographical zones, it became the best attended such event ever held in North America. The Juniors enjoyed a programme full of tournaments, bridge lectures, physical sports, outings, etc. Naturally, there was plenty of free time for unofficial games too, and indeed many were organized here and there. In addition, participants enjoyed meeting a number of top players who visited the Camp and showed their support for Junior bridge.

The 6th World Junior Camp was the first official world camp held in North America. It was also the first World Junior Camp held outside of Europe. This development came as the result of the need to expand Junior bridge all over the globe. Camps are particularly useful in that respect. Holding a Junior Camp in Europe (in conjunction with the World Junior Pairs) and another one in North America (in conjunction with the World Junior Individual) balances the world programme and provides one World Junior Camp every year.

Junior Bridge Camps have existed in Europe for over a quarter of a century, and played a very important role in the development of the game among young people. Camps do not mainly address the champion players but the lesser mortals; they aim at helping young people make new friends, and strengthen ties already developed between older friends, under the umbrella of their common hobby. In the Camps there are very few rules, but many possibilities open to those who wish to take them. Many great players, including some of today’s World Champions, started their careers as shy participants at the European Camps where the rule has been that whoever joined once, came back again and again.

The WBF is happy that, thanks to the American Contract Bridge League, the World Junior Camp in North America became a reality, and grateful that it proved to be such a great success.

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