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No. : 1 • Monday, 3 November 2003

Damiani to Competitors: Play Fair!


Monaco's Bermuda Bowl team at the Opening Ceremony

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Damiani to Competitors: Play Fair! 1
The President's Speech 2
World Youth Teams Championship 2003 3
The March of Time 4

With a strongly worded message for players to abide by the rules, World Bridge Federation President Jose Damiani declared the World Bridge Championships open on Sunday night. Play in the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and Senior Bowl begin today. Thirty countries are represented in the three main events.

The President drew applause from the large crowd at the Hotel de Paris when he noted that documentation for certain brown-sticker conventions has fallen short of requirements "and you must recognize that this is totally unacceptable. We expect fair play from all of you."

Damiani congratulated the players, some of whom had to overcome serious challenges to make it to Monaco for the world championships. "I think it is little short of a miracle," the President said, "that we are all here."

Damiani was preceded at the podium by Patrice Leclercq, Ministre d'Etat for the Principality of Monaco.

Leclercq opened his remarks in French but also addressed the group in English. Noting that Monaco is represented by two teams - in the Bermuda Bowl and in the Senior Bowl - Leclercq said, "May the best win, but if it is a Monaco team I will be very satisfied."

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