Registered Systems

Click here to download the systems that have been registered for the 2014 Youth Championships

WBF Systems Policy

The latest version of the WBF Systems Policy forms part of these Conditions of Contest. This can be found on the WBF Website, or at or a copy can be obtained by contacting Anna Gudge ( .

These Championships are Category 3 in accordance with the WBF Systems Policy and neither Brown Sticker nor HUM systems are permitted at any time.

Submission of Systems and Conventions

Convention Cards and Supplementary Sheets, fully completed will be required for each player in these events.

Whilst it is not mandatory to register these cards in advance, it would be helpful to all teams if copies are sent to Anna Gudge ( for publication on the website in order that they can be reviewed in advance by all the teams. Teams are requested to pre-register their cards by 15th July.

In any event, the following regulations will apply:

a) the Captains of the teams must register a copy of the Convention Cards and Supplementary Sheets for each pair at the Systems Desk at the venue at the same time as they register their teams, and

b) the players will be required to have two copies of their Card available for the opposition at all times.

Supplementary Sheets

Where a conventional sequence cannot be described adequately in the space provided on the WBF Convention Card, a reference number should be placed prominently at the appropriate place on the Card; a Supplementary Sheet bearing that reference number, and containing the complete explanation must be submitted along with the Card.

Penalties for non-submission of Systems

Any partnership whose duly completed original Card and Supplementary Sheets are not delivered as above requested (see13a) above), shall  be required by the Head TD or the Operations Director  to use the system described on the World Standard Card for not less than the first two days.

Psyching of Conventional or Artificial Opening Bids

The psyching of conventional or artificial opening bids is prohibited in any Category 3 event. This provision over-rides the current systems policy.