The World Teams - the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, d'Orsi Seniors Trophy will be held from 12th to 26th August
the World Transnational Open Teams from Monday 21st - 26th August
and the Youth Open Championships from 14th to 24th August.
All the Championships will be played at the


Although the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d'Orsi Seniors Bowl are for qualified teams, the Transnational Open Teams is open to players in good standing with their own National Bridge Organisation who can form teams with partners and other pairs either from their own country or from a different NBO. It is an exciting and challenging event, and is one of the few sporting events where players of any rank can compete against some of the highest ranked players in the world, since if teams in the three main events fail to qualify for the final stages they have the opportunity to drop into the Transnational Teams. And there is the added excitement of being able to mix with and watch some of the great players in action on the vu-graph presentation. Being part of such an event is enormous fun and will, we are sure, be a very memorable experience.

And it is being held in a marvellous venue !

Lyon is France’s third-largest city, and is well-known as the gastronomic centre of the country.

Lyon has plentiful hotel rooms and restaurants, plus easy access from a variety of locations around the world. A connection from Dubai makes access from Asia easier, and visitors from North and South America can arrive by plane via Paris-Roissy or Geneva for the relatively short train trip.

Visitors who fly into Paris will have an excellent train service available, with 86 departures a day. The train trip from Paris to Lyon is less than two hours.

Lyon is well known for its famous restaurants, from “bouchons” to world-renowned Paul Bocuse’s establishment.

The city also offers cinemas showing the latest films, two casinos, museums featuring contemporary art, the Institute des frères Lumière and many others. There is also the remarkable  Quartier Renaissance.

Lyon is not far from vineyards such as Beaujolais , Cotes du Rhone, Bourgogne and the historical city of Avignon is just an hour away by train.

For more information, visit the Tourism Office  or the Convention Center