When we were in Sanya last year, at the World Bridge Series, we recorded a number of videos with the Zonal Presidents and other officials from the Zonal Authorities, talking about their forthcoming Trials or Zonal Championships where the teams for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d'Orsi Seniors Trophy will be selected. The links to these videos will be shown here so that you can enjoy them and find out more about these events and where they are to be held.

USBF Trials - an interview with Jan Martel

The European Championships - Yves Aubry

The Zone 7 - South Pacific - selection process - John Wignall

The Zone 5 - CAC - Championships - Sheena Rayner

Zone 3 - South America. An interview with the late Ernesto d'Orsi

The Zone 6 Pacific Asia Championships - an interview with Esther Sophonpanich